About Us

Rockbridge Properties Limited (RPL) is a property development and investment company located in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in optimizing the end to end value chain of property development and investment. Our focus is on creating an enhanced lifestyle and ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients. From site selection and acquisition through construction to facilities/estate management, our goal is to meet the needs of individuals looking for a decent and serene living environment and or investors looking for carefully selected, well developed properties to invest in for rental income or good financial returns on sales.

RPL Property Development and Investment Value Chain

RPL is an expert in executing the end to end value chain of property development and investment. Throughout the value chain, we, at RPL, keep laser like focus is on meeting the needs of our clients by engaging the best design, construction and management skills to maximize quality, aesthetics and financial returns.

... to be the preferred residential and commercial properties developer
... to delight our clients by providing quality and innovative living spaces and a maximum return on investment

Our products/services

We undertake the development and management of commercial and residential properties for private and public sector clients.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

  • - Residential Homes and Apartments
  • - Commercial Property Development
  • - Infrastructure Development
  • - Property Sales and Marketing
  • - Development Financing
  • -Leasing/Renting Services
Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We under-take commercial and residential property management projects in Lagos for our Private and Public sector clients.

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

  • - Property Verification and Acquisition
  • - Building Design and Construction Services
  • - Interior Design Services
  • - Construction Project Management
  • - Relocation Services


Core Advantage

  • World Class Construction
  • World Class Designs
  • High Quality Materials
  • State-of-the-art Finishing
  • Strong Client Focus
  • Quality Facilities Management
  • Strong Focus on safety and security
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